VR Inn is a VR-tech company focused on enterprise training solutions development with a proprietary VR Inn Growth platform to deliver, manage, and control training of employees. Our mission is to rebuild existing training methodologies such as video training, printed instructions and mentoring, and instead to deliver virtual reality training that provides up to 90% of training effectiveness to the following industries: automotive, heavy manufacturing, mining, and etc.

Our main differentiator compared to regular VR training companies is that we not only deliver training as a complete solution for different industries but also provide tailor-made solutions based on specific requirements. This allows us to constantly expand our virtual reality training library and keep it up to date.

VR Inn consists of industry experts creating effective and engaging training and virtual reality solutions. These may range from large corporate machinery training deployments to simple, although crucial safety and maintenance training, each member of the team is dedicated to establishing virtual reality training solutions as an educational tool.

VR Inn aims to explore the potential for VR to support and enhance learning and prove the value of digital transformation at all levels of education as well as enterprise corporate environments.

About us
Giorgi Gulabyan
VR Inn`s Founder & CEO
«Members of our team and I personally believe that full immersion is the key to a deep understanding and effective learning, this is the driving force for all of our business.»
Our Team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
Giorgi Gulabyan
Giorgi Gulabyan is CEO of VR Inn and a respected member of XR Education & Training Advisory Group. Prior to VR Inn, Giorgi served as the CEO of TaxiOnn, and CTO of Heltun. From 2012 to 2013 he was deeply engaged in software engineering at Russian - Armenian University developing the "Spruce" Project financed by Institute for System Programming

Dmitry Muliarchuk
Dmitry Muliarchuk is Chief Technology Officer at VR Inn. Dmitry is one of the original architects of Endless Space and Arena games and IS machine operator training in VR. Prior, to joining VR Inn, Dmitry was leading the game development across multiple domains.
Pavel Chernenko
Pavel Chernenko is Chief Marketing Officer at VR Inn. Prior to joining VR Inn, Pavel held a CMO position at Estet, where he spent two years working with c-suite executives to help build and grow the communications program. He also led marketing teams for Web Development agency Wild Web Art. Pavel has high-profile competence in marketing and online promotion of products and services in the IT domain.

Nikita Berezetskyi
Business Development Specialist
Nikita Berezetskyi is a Business Development Specialist. He has been working with rapid growth, high-tech companies, and is experienced in business development, strategic planning, business operations, and corporate development.

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